A long time ago in a galaxy far far far away……………..

As the beginning of time began, so does the story of the three-finger salute. A sign used by dragons to pause time and fix errors in the cosmic imbalances. This sign was passed down, from dragons to wizards to wizzwos… and now to the musical styling of ctrl+ alt+ delete. This band hacked into this ancient technology and fused it to their minds with the use of tactful decision-making. This lead to the beginning of the vast range in musical and entertainment styling.

Time stood for no man!

Bringing back what has been missing. Formed mid-2020, just three average guys from London with different musical backgrounds and influences decided to come together and create a no rule concept to their music.

Keith Barnes (Drums)

A man with a vast amount of experience in the music industry who’s drumming style fits between Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Tommy Lee from Motley Crue.  

Keith tends to keep his beats simple and hard-hitting bringing both emotion and aggression to the songs.

Keith has since been recently been endorsed by Soultone Cymbals and Touch Freak Clothing.

Harley Baker (Lead Guitar/Vocals)

The youngest but musical mastermind behind the music that’s being created who blends a wide range of musical influences/genres to the songs he writes. Harley tends to eat and sleep music (hence why he is the only one in the band with a degree in music).

Jason Gygax (Bass Guitar/Rythym Guitar)

The Bass player............

Turns up, plays his part, and smiles along. The Navigator... Knowing where he’s going and gets the band there. Self-taught rhythm guitarist with a rock/indie influence and newly found love for the sound of Bass.






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