Yo, what's good it's your boy peso of 01926 music and madness records. I have been making music since I was around the age of 12. If it wasn't for my mate Luke aka Trojan I would never have started music, he understood my struggles with my uncle being a drug addict and my brother going to jail if you know about me and brother then you know, but if not then we were close. Picture having your best mate there and then they're gone all of a sudden with absolutely no explanation. So if it wasn't for him you wouldn't have the Peso! So large up Trojan.

I was born 27th of July 1994. My dad's a Greek man my mum's mixed-race, her mother's from Gurnsey, and her father's from Spanish Town, Jamaica.

I was brought up around all sorts of music from Wham to Reggae to Hip Hop and any other music my family was into at the time. My influences I would say are my fiance Sophie and my drive to tell people I told you I could do it.
I fully been through it I done foster care and jail and I done the trap i really been through it and my music will tell you that so this is for the unfortunate and for the people.
for bosley.
for my uncle Mark.
for curtice.
for Leon.
For everyone.
we all suffer and go through shit from time to time but no one is prepared to talk about there feelings so this for anyone that suffers with mental illness and for anyone with a drug addict in there family deceised or not.
So large up you large up que and large up madness records.


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