Steven-James is a twenty-six-year-old emcee who is a product of Milwaukee but currently finds himself based out of Texas for the time being. 

He always found a connection to music, and the hip-hop genre was a match made in heaven for him. The musicians always display raw emotion and possess a way with words that Steven found himself envious of in his younger years. Inspired by artists like Tech N9ne and Insane Clown Posse, he would begin rapping over darker instrumentation while still providing the aggressive, razor-sharp flow characteristic of his idols. Over the years he would polish the sound to become more experimental, and therefore more uniquely formulate his style. 

His EP will show the best sides of Steven as an artist and as a human being. With witty wordplay, a ferocious flow, and undeniable confidence, Steven-James is determined to make his mark on a wider audience this decade.



feat. Grim Smilezz & Big Que